Parquet flooring has been used in the finest houses and stately homes since the 17th century when the floors at the European palaces and castles  defined the fashion. Parquet floors have been popular since and are currently undergoing a significant resurgence as designers are creating more opulent interiors.

Decoration on flooring dates back at least to the Egyptians who covered their brick floors with stucco and painted them. Marquetry, the practice of inlaying small pieces of wood into a sub-frame of simpler wood to produce a pattern or picture, had been used to decorate furniture for hundreds of years but it was not used to decorate flooring material until the 16th century, when technological advances allowed the technique to be applied on a much grander scale in conjunction with ‘parquetry’, patterned floors of tightly fitting blocks of wood.


Parquet Flooring

Very hard woods are extremely durable and therefore are best suited for children's areas and kitchens whilst more subtle hard wood is better for living areas where hard wearing wood is not as important as the finish. We only use the finest hardwood in all our wood flooring, capturing the natural beauty of real wood and using it to turn your home or work place into a place to be proud of.

If hardwood flooring gives a home a traditional elegance, parquet flooring is a step beyond the regular straight planking of wood flooring.  It is natural, non allergic, sophisticated Parquet flooring is a hardwood blocks, can be laid in a variety of patterns that will reflect your lifestyle as well as complimenting their surroundings. Parquet flooring is ideally suited for use in Schools, Gymnasiums, Restaurants, Dance Floors as well as Domestic situations.

Brick Pattern Half Bond

Diagonal Basket

Square Basket

Square or Diagonal Herringbone

Single Herringbone

Double Herringbone

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