About Us

STBM is a leading Emirates specialist contracting company that mainly focuses on:

  •  Designing and building 
  •  Slaughterhouses
  •  Fish processors
  •  Meat processors
  •  Food industrial waste water treatment
  •  Waste energy
  •  Industrial drainage systems

  We also provide high-performance flooring for all industrial environments. The core focus of our company is the installation of floor finishes in the Industrial, Commercial, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage producing environments.

STBM commenced business in 1997. We  provide quality floor finishes with a sound back-up and support infrastructure. For a broader overview please proceed to our company profile.

In the Industrial Flooring Systems website you can view previous contracts and references, identify our client base and view our contact details for a branch closest to you. 

Membership Certificate Of Abu Dhabi Chambre of Commerce

Abu Dhabi Chamber
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Contact information:
Khalifa st.
Abu Dhabi 27260
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 26 222427
Fax: +971 26 222490

General Director
Eng. Jamal Al Askary
Mobile: +971 50 6920041

Email: stbm@estbm.com